Keeping Inverness Fit & Happy
 A RISK FREE fitness Bootcamp in Inverness that can QUICKLY tone, firm and melt inches off your troublesome body parts so you no longer have to cover them up.

Discover the secrets that’ll literally MELT ugly, wobbly stubborn fat from your tummy, thighs, hips and butt as well as your love handles. REGARDLESS of what you’ve tried before.

When you sign up to our four week fat burning fitness boot camp you will receive:

- 1 hour of fun, efficient, calorie burning indoor exercise 3 - 5 times a week, including:
- Fitness and exercise instruction
- Resistance training
- Functional training
- Core training
- Flexibility training
- Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice
- Weekly body measurements
- “Fit ‘n’ Lean” nutritional program that includes cutting edge nutritional advice, healthy eating plans and fat loss tips
- Food diary
- Access to our private members only Facebook group for weekly challenges, recipes, workouts and motivation
- Full email and telephone support
- No more starvation diets or counting calories

Burn 6 hours worth of calories in less than 1 hour

Enjoy the increased motivation and accountability of working in a group with others just like you

Feel fitter, healthier, more flexible, energetic and alive!

Greatly improved endurance levels – no more “out of breath” moments

Stronger and slimmer physique

No more long, boring cardio sessions

 Personal one to one training in your home or garden. Your own Inverness personal trainer comes to you.

Through using a combination of techniques such as bodyweight, free weights, resistance bands and stability balls you will learn to utilise the body as a whole unit, achieving exceptional results.

By training the whole body this way you will engage the maximum amount of muscle with each exercise, activating the body’s stabilising muscles, rather than being guided by a machine to isolate specific areas.

This will result in more calories being burnt, increased metabolic rate and ultimately greater fat loss. You will feel like the fat is literally melting from your body,  whilst your energy levels skyrocket.

Training sessions will be adapted to suit your lifestyle and current fitness levels, whilst enabling you to meet and maintain your goals. Nutritional advice is included with personal training packages to ensure the all important diet supports your training regime and to guarantee fat loss success.

After an initial consultation, clients will be subject to a health and fitness assessment, critical in identifying any weaknesses in the body and in designing an optimum training programme. Expect to see improvements in strength, fitness, endurance and flexibility.

Also included will be core strengthening routines, and exercises to help correct poor posture thereby reducing the risk of back problems, and with the right stretching and strengthening routines we may even help to reduce or eliminate many other aches and pains including heel, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck pain.

4 Weeks at 1 session per week - £140

4 Weeks at 2 sessions per week - £245

4 Weeks at 3 sessions per week - £350

(Private training opportunities are very limited and are available IN INVERNESS ONLY) 
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I'm Bruce Dinsdale - Personal Trainer, founder & host of Inverness Boot Camp - and I help regular women and men in Inverness lose fat, tone up and build a stronger, more agile body through effective exercise and healthy eating.
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